Yuriko Hyuga

Yuriko Hyuga

Yuriko Hyuga Anime

Kanji 日向 ゆり子
Romaji Hyūga Yuriko
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 25 (born 1988)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Affiliation CCC
Former Affiliation
  • Meteorology Plus
  • Touo TV
Occupation Weather Reporter
Manga Debut Line 9; Plan B
Anime Debut Episode 5; Monster

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Yuriko Hyuga (日向 ゆり子 Hyūga Yuriko?) was a reporter who worked at Meteorology Plus. During one of her live-broadcasts, she was stabbed by Ren Murakami and her devil co-worker Yuichi Utsumi who was filming her, transformed and started to suck her blood. She survived but with critical injuries and was hospitalized at Shirase Hospital in Tokyo. Determined to get back at devils, she eventually joined the CCC.

Appearance Edit

Yuriko is a young attractive woman with a fair and light complexion. She has shoulder-length, straight brown hair tucked behind her ears and laid on her shoulders. She has short bangs covering parts of her forehead and with two hairclips on the left side of her hair. She has light-brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Charismatic and cheerful, Yuriko is a very popular weather reporter and has many admirers. She appears to be energetic and good at talking in front of a camera and people.

Story Edit

During a snowy evening, Yuriko along with her co-workers, including a devil, Yuichi Utsumi, who is a cameraman, were holding a live-weather broadcast. Just before saying goodbye to the audience, Ren Murakami rushed to her and sliced her throat with a kitchen knife. Seeing blood, Utsumi transformed and attacked Yuriko and drank her blood as the camera rolled on. The crowd and all of those watching at home were witnessing proof that devils exist. This incident came to be known as the "Ikebukuro Incident", staged by the CCC for the purpose of making people aware that devils really do exist and to increase anti-devils protest. A live-weather broadcast was the perfect opportunity to trigger devils across Tokyo to transform and therefore make humans open their eyes.

Following the incident, Yuriko was hospitalized in the Shirase Hospital. When Akihito Kanzaki examined her, she was ranting about devils, making her new dislike towards devils visible. The CCC set their sights on her since she would be good advertising material. Kanzaki (Queen) persuaded her to join, and when she eventually did, holding several campaigns in city advertising for the CCC, and the extermination of devils.

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