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Megumi Ishimaru


Ishimaru PTS

Ishimaru Anime

Kanji 石丸 恵巳
Romaji Ishimaru Megumi
  • 13
  • Jason
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 34 (born 1979)
Height 170 cm / 5'7"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Unique Features Bags under his eyes
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Affiliation Public Safety General Affairs
Former Affiliation
  • MPD Public Safety Division 5; F Squad
  • CCC
Occupation Intelligence Agent
Former Occupation F Squad Leader
Hometown Sendai; Miyagi Prefecture
Manga Debut Line 27; Command
Anime Debut Episode 9; Command
Japanese VA Akira Ishida
English VA Clint Bickham

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Megumi Ishimaru (石丸 恵巳 Ishimaru Megumi?) was appointed as the leader of F Squad in the latter half of February 2013. He infiltrated the ranks of the CCC in order to obtain enemy intel, where he went under the code name Jason (13). His real position is within the MPD Public Safety General Affairs, the 6th Public Safety Investigation Division, Section 11.

History Edit

There is not much known about Ishimaru's past, but what is known is that he has liked and been interested in devils since he was a child. He used to play with a child who was a devil when he was younger, and he started looking into devils because of that trough, for example, essays. This gave him a vast amount of knowledge regarding them.

Appearance Edit

Ishimaru is a middle-aged man noted to have a spindly and weakly build, but he is actually very physically capable. He is of an average height and has brown, droopy eyes and heavy dark circles under his eyes. He has black wavy shoulder-length hair with middle-parted bangs that frame most of his face. He occasionally wears his hair in a ponytail.

Personality Edit

The first thing which is notable in Ishimaru's personality is how apathetic, calm, and eccentric he is. He often stays up all night reading manga and books, which has resulted in his sleep deprivation. Ishimaru also used to sneak behind the others in the F Squad and listen to their plans while speaking about his own thoughts about the matter. However, he would only do this if it's necessary to plan a strategy of some sort. He also thinks that formalities are a hassle, so he'd rather people to speak casually with him. He has a unique way of calling people, as he used to refer Tsukasa Taira as "Miss Hostage", and Johannes Kleeman as "Mr. Foreigner". Ishimaru is also very honest and will speak in a straightforward manner, whatever people may think. He can also say things that can be misunderstood and misinterpreted as other "weird" things.

Despite seeming uninterested, Ishimaru has good leadership skills and is encouraging the others in the squad in his own way. He wants to work with them in a good way so they can succeed in their investigation. However, he doesn't like how close-knit the F Squad is or how everyone is so "soft". Being with them made Ishimaru upset, since he always has been keen on people displaying their powers to the fullest, especially devils. Ishimaru likes devils and is very interested in them, and the thing that fascinates him the most is how devils fundamental physical abilities surpass those of humans. This is why he doesn't want Yuuki Anzai's talents go to waste. However, Ishimaru being so fixated on their strength and seeing them differently than humans in a way, have made him very ignorant in terms of the devils' feelings. He couldn't understand the mental pain he had put Yuuki through by forcing him to transform.

Ishimaru is highly intelligent and calculating, as he can make false statements and false work history without being noticed. He used to be very poker-faced and level-headed, which made it hard to know what he was thinking about. When he was in the CCC, he kept his identity hidden very well from the F Squad, and although he just had joined the CCC for gaining intel, he was loyal to the organization and appeared to be trustworthy. Because of how smart he is, he was distrustful of the F Squad considering their investigating abilities couldn't expose his real identity and objectives until much later.

Following his desertion from the CCC and the F Squad's disbandment, Ishimaru's true personality starts to show. Positive changes also do occur in him, as he began to sympathize with devils and understand them more. He also began liking the F Squad's atmosphere and it's members, despite initially seeing them as too imbecile. Even though they worked as comrades for a short while, Ishimaru thinks that he still wants to reunite with the F Squad's lukewarm soft members. Ishimaru also becomes more considerate of others, and more expressive in general. He whole-heartedly thanked Tsukasa for saving Yuuki's life, referring him as "one of my men", and he also the only one who comforted Tsukasa after her breakdown after temporarily breaking up with Yuuki. Ishimaru is good at reading between the lines, which is why he knows to handle situations and can predict if something's going to happen. Ishimaru describes himself as a person who needs an excuse for doing things, such as checking up on one of his old co-workers Yousuke Asami. Although claiming that something had happened which made him think about Asami, Ishimaru actually just wanted to make sure Asami and his comrades were doing well.

Abilities Edit

Contrary to his appearance, Ishimaru is a highly capable fighter. He has good movements and his reactions are almost always on point. He is also fast and agile and can quickly attack his opponents through kicks and punches. He can overpower devils who are in a mild-transformed state, and he can also almost keep up with Yuuki is his serious, transformed state.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a bad habit of reading comics and light novels all night, so he always has bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.
  • According to Ishimaru himself, his local accent comes out a little when he goes home. The majority of his coworkers have never had the chance to hear it.

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